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My pet portraits are hand made out of 100% cotton fabric. Each portrait is composed of many pieces of fabric, some smaller than your pinkie.

Here’s the process I use to construct a pet portrait: each portrait begins with a good photo of the pet. By carefully observing the light and dark areas, I make a pattern from the photo. I then select six to eight fabrics from one colour family and match them to each pattern piece to convey just the right amount of light and shadow for a life-like appearance.  After cutting out all of the pattern pieces, I construct the portrait using a rough edge fusible appliqué technique. A background is then chosen to enhance the portrait and after layering it with batting and backing, it is quilted. The portrait is then machine quilted onto the background and enhanced with matching threads. Edges are finished with a facing for a professional look.

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  1. Laura says:

    Hi there,
    I am wondering how much you charge for a custom portrait? My husband works in a similar way

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Anne,
    Love your work with custom pet portraits! I am wondering how much you charge for a custom portrait? My husband works in a similar way, and has done portraits for years for friends and family. He is starting to sell custom portraits, and is having trouble pricing the work. Each of his takes 20 -40 hours of work. We’d love some advice, if you are willing to give us your input. (check out his website if you have a chance) We are also in Canada!

  3. Kathleen Watts says:

    Hi Anne,
    Your pet portraits are amazing! I primarily do art quilts but have been wanting to do a portrait of my dog for a while. I’ve scoured all my books and the internet and am thrilled to find your blog with such clear and concise instructions.
    Thanks and keep up the fantastic work. I’ll be following along to see your new portraits.
    Kathleen Watts
    Chilliwack, B.C.

    • Anne Mathers says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m very pleased to hear that you’ve found the descriptions of my portrait technique to be helpful. I, too, have scoured the internet and books for ideas and I have had such a great time researching, experimenting, and making portraits that I’ve developed a 2 day class which I’ve been teaching here on the island. Sharing the excitement with other quilters (and non-quilters) has been a real highlight for me this year. I’m excited to be working on a commission at the moment, which I can’t share online until February. I am taking photographs as it develops so I can post all the details on my website once it’s been unveiled to my client. In case you haven’t found these portrait quilters, here are few you might want to check out: Lea McComas, Barbara Yates Beasley, and Leni Levinson Weiner.

      Happy quilting,

  4. AMAZING……TRULY AMAZING! I am so happy to have found your blog! Recently, finished one of Toni Whitney’s patterns of an elephant! Around this same time that I was working on this, my sewing partner, and best friend in the sewing room, was diagnosed with Cancer. She is an amazing Boxer, who makes me laugh at every opportunity! My heart says that I can do her portrait, my brain however says, that I want to spend my time loving her! My question is this, how much do you charge to do pet portraits. Do you do them for other people? More than anything right now, I want to know that I won’t forget even one tiny detail of this wonderful friend. Thank you in advance for your answer, whatever it is!

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